horny devil

Syphilis is a cheeky little bugger. Syphilis likes penetrative sex (bottom or top) and also oral sex (giving/getting head). Sexual contact may put you at risk of Syphilis

(This could include rubbing genitals together). 


If left untreated, Syphilis does not remain localised and spreads to other areas of the body. Syphilis is infectious to your sexual partners during the primary and secondary stages.

Test Every 3 Months

Sexually active? (including oral sex or had sex without a condom)


Test Every 3 Months.


Testing includes a blood test and swabs.

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Untreated Syphilis Is Serious.

Early Treatment Isn't.


Treatment is usually a one-time injection of antibiotics.


Depending on the stage of infection a course of treatment may be required.

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