Use of condoms with water based lube or dams is the most effective way to reduce

transmission of Syphilis and other STIs.


However, did you know you can still contract an STI even if you're using condoms?

For this reason it's best to

Use Condoms & Test Regularly.

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  • Keep the condom in a cool place

  • Check the expiry date

  • When opening the condom pack be careful not to snag with rings or fingernails

  • Don’t use your teeth to open the packet as you might accidentally damage the condom

  • Pinch the air out of the tip

  • Use the condom with water-based or silicone-based lubricant only

  • Reapply lube if having longer sessions

  • Roll the condom up all the way to the base of your penis. This will minimise any skin to skin contact which helps prevent transmission of syphilis and other STIs

  • Hold the base of the condom while withdrawing

  • You can also use dental dams to act as a barrier when performing or receiving oral sex such as blowjobs or rimming